Ahoy, Mentors & Mentees! 
Climb aboard our 65 ft Sailing Research Vessel for a day of fun and marine science. We will explore San Francisco Bay above and below the water using scientific methods developed for ongoing research conducted by our partner conservation scientists who are trying to answer the question “What constitutes a healthy ecosystem in our Bay and Estuaries?”.
Our naturalist instructors will help you formulate your own theories about the good, the bad and the ugly indicators of water quality, bio-diversity and marine health. 
Using hydrophones we will listen to whats making noise under water at varying depths and locations.
With our plankton net we will collect samples to be examined under our on board projection microscopes. Did you know that pound for pound copepods (plankton) may well be the fastest creatures on the planet?
We will draw water samples to test for dissolved oxygen, salinity and other life sustaining elements.
And we will keep our eyes peeled for mammals and birds. Harbor porpoises have recently returned to the Bay…no one really knows why they left or why they are back…we’ll try to figure it out.
And we will do this under sail, powered by the wind on board a safe Coast Guard inspected, 21st century sailing craft that, when it’s not acting as a floating classroom, is being used by scientists to tag great white sharks off the Farallon Islands, track Orcas on their offshore migrations, monitor whale songs and launch unmanned submarines.
What better way to get into “Back to School’ mode than Sail 4 Science: Who says science can’t be fun?
Date: August 10th, 2015
Where: Meet @ Cavanagh Center for bus transport to the Richmond berth of the Derek M. Baylis
  • 9:00 am - Gather for Sandwich Building
  • 9:30 Board bus
  • 10:30 Arrive Richmond Yacht Harbor/Board Derek M Baylis
  • 11:00 Under Way
  • 3:00pm Return to Docks
  • 3:30 pm Board buses and en route to Petaluma
  • 4:30 pm Arrive Back at Cavanagh
What to Bring: Warm clothes, sneakers or other soft soled shoes. Windbreaker or Rain jacket. (it’s easier to take off a layer of clothes than it is to add one if you don’t have it!) Your spirit of adventure!
To learn more about Sail 4 Science and the Derek M Baylis please go to: