The Mentor's Pledge

I commit to making a difference;

to support, guide, and be a role model.

I commit to being consistent;

to be a steady figure over time, to be persistent, and to help another persevere.

I commit to encouraging another;

by listening, by understanding, by fostering strengths, and by showing empathy.

I commit to building a mutual relationship;

to enter the world of someone else, to hear about new dreams and challenges, to share

my own stories, and to respect the differences between us.

I commit to asking for assistance;

when I need my own support, when the struggles of a child are bigger than I can handle,

when I am unsure.

I commit to recognizing;

that change often comes in small steps that barely leave footprints, that victories are

often unseen or unspoken, and that obstacles will always be present.

I commit to remaining sympathetic;

to the storms weathered, to the adversity faced, and to the experiences that occurred

long before this child entered my life.

I commit to realizing;

that my actions carry new weight and responsibility, that my role can never be taken

lightly, that my life will also change with this experience.

I commit to being a mentor.