Become a Mentor

We are delighted that you are considering becoming a mentor! Our mission is to match every child who needs a mentor with a caring adult.  Your decision to mentor will help us reach our goal.  Mentors provide a listening ear and non-judgmental guidance.  They act as good role models for their mentees, helping them learn to set healthy boundaries and become happy, resilient people.

What are the steps to becoming a mentor?

  • Attend a Q & A or do a short interview with a MMP staff person.
  • Complete and return the mentor application and three references to the MMP office.
  • Attend a New Mentor Training Session (see calendar for schedule)
  • Be matched at a school site!
  • Get your fingerprints and TB testing done.
  • Start meeting with your mentee!

The magic of mentoring lies in the relationship and trust that flourish over time. Therefore, Mentor Me hopes that mentors will remain in their mentoring friendships for at least two years.  Mentors meet with their mentees once a week for an hour, on school campus, during the school day and during the school year.  We understand that flexibility may be necessary from time to time!

Orientation and training will provide information about good mentoring practices.  Safety and support for mentors, mentees and families are of utmost importance.  Ongoing training and mentor support meetings occur throughout the school year.

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