Petaluma Kids Gran Fondo - Saturday, May 2, 2015

Are you ready for the 3rd Annual Petaluma KIDS Gran Fondo? This charity event for-kids, by-kids, is just around the corner!

Sign-ups and fundraising begin February 1st.  We encourage you to sign-up early and take on the fundraising competition to get into the spirit of helping others in need. PRIZES such as bicycles are awarded to the top fundraisers!

Mentor Me is proud to be a 2015 Petaluma Kids Gran Fondo participating group. When participants sign up/fundraise for the Gran Fondo, 50% of the money raised goes towards the 2015 Race for Kids Heroes and the other 50% goes to our organization

Thank you Petaluma Kids Gran Fondo!

Use the link below to sign up & choose Mentor Me from the drop down menu of participating groups.