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Please Donate!

Mentor Me Petaluma is a 501(c)(3) non-profit; federal tax id number 20-8525688. Funding comes from a combination of individual and business donations as well as foundation grants and fundraising events. Our costs continue to rise as we serve more and more Petaluma students. Our program's expenses include the following:

  • Salaries and Benefits for Mentor Center Coordinators and Administrative and Training Staff
  • Office Furniture and Supplies
  • Utilities
  • Marketing, Promotion and Mentor Recruitment
  • Annual Program Evaluation
  • Conferences and Trainings for Program Personnel
  • Educational Field Trips, Workshops and Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Computers and Software
  • Art / Games / Books / Sports Equipment / Learning Tools
  • Social Events / Entertainment for Mentors, Mentees and Families
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Donations and Sponsorships

Automobile donations are a cinch with Mentor Me Petaluma. We'll take those unwanted automobiles and proceeds will support Mentor Me Petaluma. Your automobile donation is important to our funding. Give us a hand by making an automobile donation.

To view a list of our current sponsors click here

Your generous financial contribution will help us continue to support children and youth in Petaluma schools. You can make a donation by mailing a check to: Mentor Me Petaluma, 35 Maria Dr., Suite 852, Petaluma, CA 94954 (Ask your employer about matching donations or about making a donation).

Donations Needed:

  • Mentor center supplies: toys, games, books, microwaves, art supplies, math and science equipment, small desks, toy cupboards, puppet theaters, boom boxes, CDs, musical instruments, dress-up clothes, sports equipment. Imagine!
  • Computers and printers, in good working order and not obsolete.
  • Educational software for grades K-12
  • Office supplies: paper, printer cartridges, folders, labels, postage.
Become a Sponsor: (perfect for businesses)
  • Sponsor a Mentor Center for a year.
  • Sponsor the Mad Hatter Ball fundraiser.
  • Sponsor a mentorship for a year.
  • Sponsor advertising media

The beauty of the Mentor Me Petaluma mentoring program is that it enriches two lives simultaneously. Just one hour per week can make a tremendous difference in a child's life! Find out more here

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Donate Time

  • Join the Mad Hatter Ball committee.
  • Join the Board or another committee
  • Volunteer in our office or in a Mentor Center
  • Work on special events such as fundraisers, art shows, and youth expos.

Thank You for Your Support!
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