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Mentor and MenteeHistory of MMP

Mentor Me Petaluma was founded in 1999 at McNear Elementary School in Petaluma, CA. A group of concerned parents, teachers and community members noticed that some students were "falling through the cracks". The state of California drastically cut its funding for elementary school counselors in the mid-1990's, leaving a lack of support and guidance for many students whose life circumstances put them at risk. After 18 months of research and fundraising our mentoring program was launched in early 2001 with three mentorships the first year. By 2003 there were 35 mentorships at McNear and other Petaluma schools were asking if the program could expand to their sites. The program has continued to expand, meeting the needs of more and more Petaluma children and youth. Mentor Me Petaluma works hand in hand with other local youth-serving organizations, the Petaluma Youth Network, local school districts, service organizations and businesses to provide a safety net for Petaluma youth. Community volunteer mentors are the backbone of Mentor Me Petaluma. We mentor children and youth ages 5-17.

Mentor Centers:
As of the 2009-2010 school year Mentor Me Petaluma oversees mentorships in the following 15 schools:

  • Bernard Eldredge
  • Corona Creek Elementary
  • Grant Elementary
  • La Tercera Elementary
  • McDowell Elementary
  • McKinley Elementary
  • McNear Elementary
  • Penngrove Elementary
  • Valley Vista Elementary
  • Mary Collins at Cherry Valley Charter School
  • Crossroads Academy
  • Kenilworth Junior High
  • Petaluma Junior High
  • Casa Grande High
  • Petaluma High

Funding Sources:
Mentor Me Petaluma is a non-profit social-service organization. Mentor Me Petaluma is a 501(c)(3) non-profit; federal tax id number 20-8525688. Funding comes from a variety of sources including individual and corporate donations, grants, foundations and donations of goods and services. Every school site Mentor Center is staffed by a Mentor Center Coordinator who oversees the program at that school.

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?This project has been a dream realized. With thirty-five years of involvement in public education, I recognize this as the most important program I have seen in terms of positive impact on a child?s life.?

?She recently got an ?A? on a school project we worked on together,
and was so proud.? Happy child

?I love the closeness and trust that has developed in our friendship.
He counts on me, and I love having him in my life.?

?My mentor taught me to play chess and how to ride a bike.?

?I don?t have any friends in my class. My mentor is my friend.?

Our Vision:

We believe that each child deserves the best support and guidance that he or she needs for success in school and in life.

Our Mission:

To assist children in reaching their highest potential by providing them with one-to-one relationships with caring adult role models from the community. We provide the mentor and mentee a safe and supportive environment in which the two can develop a trusting relationship.

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Board Members
Brant Claussen
Linda Dunwoodie
Margaret Fishman
Catharine J. Kit Lofroos, LMT, M.A.
Jennifer Murphy
Dana O'Halloran
Jordan Pepper
Caroline Pope
Colin Turek
Jim Winkel

Executive Director
Val Richman

Advisory Council
John Burns
Daymon Doss
Ken Godfrey
Mike Healy
Steve Hood

Tom Joynt
Pat Kellgren
Jan Mandrell
Mike Witte
Margaret Potts
Shadi Shamsavari
Philip J. Terry
Michael Troy
Greta Viguie
Carl Wong

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